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You pad cautiously through a maze of dead trees and glance around for any sign of life in the empty forest that seemed to stretch endlessly around you. The scent of smoke and fire floods your nose and you can practically taste the charred bark on your dry tongue. Your paws sink into years of ash-dusted soil as you continue walking, legs aching and muscles sore from your journey. Just as you begin to wonder if you’ll be lost in the burnt forest forever, you nearly stumble into a large cliff. Flanks heaving, you look up and realize that the cliff wraps around before you in a partial circle, creating a massive basin that drops thousands of yards below you. What’s down there? you wonder. You lean forward to peer down and instantly wish you hadn’t. Dozens of wolf puppies all crowd each other in the big pit fighting, and it’s not just play fighting: it’s a fight to the death.

You jump at the sound of a twig snapping behind you, and spin around as a silver-winged wolf with ocean blue eyes full of compassion and love steps graciously towards you. She’s jaw-droppingly beautiful and the care emanating from her fills you with immeasurable warmth. “Come away from there,” she calls out softly, “that’s the Puppy Bowl. It’s a horrible place created by Storm Pack where pups have to compete and murder each other to be valued.” She shakes her head, as if truly horrified, “My name is Wing. I’m the Queen of Mist Pack – a home, where we protect and honor one another like family. If you’re looking for a pack to join, you would be welcome at Mist. We treat all fairly and kindly there, I promise you would be safe.”

Before you can reply, another she-wolf steps forward with a ripple of muscle and formidable force barely contained beneath a jet black pelt. You tremble as you notice there’s an iron-cut determination flared within her blood red eyes that pulls respect from you. “You don’t want to go with her, to a pack made of prey,” she growls in a steely voice, “if you want strength and power, and can handle a few fights like a true warrior, then join Storm Pack.” Her nostrils flare, like a bull ready to charge, “I’m Jael, the Commander in Chief of Storm. Only the best are welcome here, and only the best survive.”

A third she-wolf steps forward slowly from the shadows, and she radiates pure intensity and bravery on her tall, ashen-pelted back. Her pink eyes glare frostily at the other two wolves, but then she turns to you with a wicked smile. “Jael might not have the guts to uphold Storm, but it is still Arson’s legacy – an evil wolf of evil deeds who’s left it’s members thirsty for blood,” she gestures towards the commander. “Mist calls themselves kind, but they discriminate and hate against any wolves from another pack, yet let strange travelers join and threaten their home without batting an eye. Their leadership is a complete mess and Wing can’t keep anything together,” she explains, motioning towards the winged wolf. “I am the Alfa of Hail Pack, a serious and close-knit land for wolves that respect themselves and honor their word. If you want to truly be valued and treated fairly, come with me.”  

Just as you are about to follow one of the wolves into the trees, a fourth wolf emerges from the shadows. With a thick, sandy pelt and bold expression, she hardly looks like a wolf at all, but rather a lion. Her noble and truthful gaze cuts straight to your core, and you find yourself entranced by her presence. “If you are not born with powers,  you may be practically cannibalized in these so-called packs. Come with me, instead, I am Freyja – the Alpha of Blizzard Pack, where normal wolves can grow under the guidance of the Spirits of our Ancestors. We will train you to be just as capable as any wolf with powers, if not stronger. With willpower, dedication, and endurance, we can surpass anyone.” She gives the other females a sideways glare, which some return. 

Now, you are left to choose. Will you go with Wing to Mist Pack, a place of gentle, caring wolves? Will you follow Jael to Storm Pack, with battle hungry hearts and heavy attitudes? With Hun to Hail Pack, where vengefulness and protectiveness of family dominate? Or with Freyja to Blizzard Pack, where normal wolves reign supreme?


The choice is yours, but choose wisely...




    Welcome to Mist Wolves Sites!

Greetings, welcome to the Mist Wolves Sites: a universe of adventure, magic, love, danger, and most importantly - fantasy wolves. Here, there are endless possibilities and discoveries to be made if you let your creativity soar! 

                                   Mist Pack

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Mist is a strong, kind-hearted home where families can find sanctuary together in a gentle, beautiful landscape. Focused on love, trust, and bonding - Mist is united through a system of deep connections that unify all wolves together and nourish the birth of true, authentic friendships. Mist Pack runs as one: their hearts are always open to those in need and their motto is to help all. Dedicated to their Monarchy, Mist is organized through a secure ranking system that they take seriously and truly ensure each wolf has the proper training to be a part of. Magical abilities and teamwork is heavily encouraged here, as every wolf is welcome to express themselves openly. All wolves in Mist serve their Queen and King heartfully, as they ensure the lands are kept peaceful and safe for all of their pack. In years past, Misties were not normally aggressive wolves, but don't let that fool you - like a mother wolf, each member holds hidden strengths to fight for what they believe in or protect one another. When push comes to shove, Mist will show that they can hold their own.
Can you show such faith? Are you a Mist wolf at heart? Join Here


                                     Storm Pack

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Storm is a blood-thirsty land plagued by smoke and death alike. Organized into a military of different divisions under the Commander in Chief, Storm is a brutal land for the wild and cunning. Distrustful, violent, and vicious, Storm wolves are known for being merciless and particularly savage when someone gets in their way. While they do tend to each other when they have to, Stormies typically only care for themselves and do what's in their best interest. This isn't surprising, considering that each wolf must go through the Puppy Bowl and execute at least three opponents in order to join. Once a part of the pack, every wolf is a seasoned and sharp soldier where only the strong survive.
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                                     Hail Pack

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Hail is a formidable land for the dedicated and serious. Focused on protecting their pack and ensuring their safety, Hail wolves are hard-edged and cautious. They are typically friendly and kind when socializing, but this is all an act to deceive strangers, for Hail wolves miss nothing. They will always find your weak points and be prepared for anything, making them very unpredictable. Snarky and adventurous, Hail wolves never forgive and never forget - revenge is a key feature of the pack ingrained in all Hail wolves' minds. Don't ever wrong a Hail wolf, for they will get their payback. Each wolf is trained in military tactics before becoming a cadet and joining a crew - a close-knit group of ranked wolves that can fight for dignity and turf territory in Hail. Set in a thrilling, intense land, Hail is for the tough and brave.

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                                 Blizzard Pack

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Blizzard is the sanctuary for the pure and authentic wolves of the world. Here in the cold wilderness of pack lands, wolves are power-free and extremely grateful to be that way. Raised in a noble society that scorns any with magical abilities, Blizzard wolves worship Spirit pack and the gift they were blessed with by the gods - a solid ice statue in the center of camp that renders all abilities useless. Blizzies detest the barbaric behaviors of the other packs and instead focus on creating an elite society of natural wolves that are strong, respectful, and intelligent. They take their laws of the land seriously and work hard to ensure each member of the pack is trained and talented enough to best any evil, powered wolf easily. Raw intelligence, strength, and nobility are honored here.

Do you want to be a pure wolf? Do you want to be in a safe home that's above the barbaric nature of the sister packs? Join Here


                                     Spirit Pack

Spirit Pack is the land for those who have moved on from life. 


Spirit Pack is only for those who have moved on. There are two separate sections, one for angels, and one for demons. The angels reside in the sky, and looks after all of those still on earth. Each are assigned special jobs based on their life. They are the ones with a pure heart, and seek to bring happiness wherever they go.  On the other hand, the demons lurk down under.  They only wish to bring on pain and misfortune to others, and are evil and should be avoided.  All spirits can not interfere directly with living wolves, so they do so through other ways. Sometimes they send dreams or prophecies.  Rarely do they visit. Some wolves, actually have the ability to see, or visit certain spirits.  Perhaps they were very close before, or by some other way, connected. Join Here


Rouges are wolves that were expelled from their old packs. Some are murders, others traitors, but all have a bounty on their head.  And they are constantly hunted by the Banchos. These wolves are pure evil, and there is no limit to the amount of treachery they commit. It is best for all to stay clear of these rouges, and only the bravest, most skilled Banchos should enter their territory. 


Banchos are the bounty hunters. They receive requests by other wolves to hunt down rouges and capture or kill them. Banchos may be part of packs or live in Bancho territory. They receive points from capturing rouges, and those points then earn them new territory and bring them up in ranks. 


Loners prefer to keep to themselves for whatever reason. Some ran away from their old packs, others are just to shy and uncomfortable around lots of wolves, so they want to be alone. Loners typically leave each other alone and live solitary lives, but some times they do make friends.

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                                  Silver Moon City

Beyond the wolf packs is a human city, but residents here have bizarre things about them as well. Some residents are werewolves, others are witches or vampires, and there are even some with element powers or other unique abilities. There are slayers, people who believe that the fantasy creatures should all be exterminated, and there are scientists who want to experiment on all of these strange residents. Unfortunately it is often hard to experiment on werewolves and such, so scientists often capture powered wolves instead. Even wolves without powers are in danger near Silver Moon, because there are always hunters looking for something to shoot. Humans and human like creatures live together in the city, but fear each other. Will they manage to live in harmony, or will chaos break loose?

                             Introduction to Role Playing 

                      General Rules

Here are the rules that apply to all of the websites attached. There may be specific rules for different sites but these are the basic rules general for every site attached to the main site of mistwolvespack.webs.com.

    •     Please do not use vulgar language. Cursing is highly discouraged, and if you know there is a younger member present, even the least offensive of curse words should not be used. If you are in a more advanced role-play with members that you know are more comfortable with such language, the rules will be a bit more lenient, but under no circumstances should extreme curse words be used to any swear words be used to insult other members.
    •    There is no age limit here, but any members under the age of thirteen should role play with caution. There may be violence and other content not appropriate for all ages. Since these chat boxes are open to everyone, I cannot control what is posted, and sometimes people that aren't even part of the site will post something that is not appropriate. Just try to be aware of what areas may have more inappropriate posts and avoid them. (ex: The Puppy Bowl will certainly contain more gore than Mist Training Zone)    •    No power playing or godmodding. Other characters belong to other people and you cannot use them. That is called power playing. You may not say how someone's character acts or responds to something, that is for the per of that character to decide. You may also not make your characters invincible. While powers are allowed, they should be limited, and weaknesses should also be included. No one is flawless, even superman has his kryptonite.
    •    No killing other characters without permission. Some characters will have their names in pink on the page with their character description. This means that the person who role-plays them will allow them to be killed off, but you must still ask that person for permission .Those with names in red are for anyone to role-play and kill off as they please. Lastly, those who have no special color are not listed to be killed, but the role-player may still chose to kill them off. If they make that decision, they will let you know it is okay to kill their characters. Also, once a character is killed they may not come back to life unless by an extreme circumstance in which you have received my permission to bring them back. All deceased characters are welcome to join Spirit Pack.
    •    Please remember to write decent descriptions for major characters. If the descriptions are only a few sentences long, I will not even bother adding them. You may make characters without writing descriptions, however, they will be considered minor, temporary characters until descriptions are added. Meaning they will be treated like kill-able characters.
    •    Do not reveal personal information. It is always a bad idea to share personal info, such as your full name or your address, with anyone on the internet. Please refrain from doing so. You can share your age, your gender, your first name only if you wish to do so, and your country, state, or province for time zone purposes. However, you are not obligated to share even this information if you are uncomfortable doing so.
    •    Lastly, the golden rule: Respect other members. If they are new to the site, or to role-playing in general, give them some tips and offer to help them out .Don't just insult them or ignore them. If someone is being rude, notify me or another moderator. You can send get a hold of me at any time by logging in on any of the sites, clicking my profile, and sending me a private message. I'll respond as soon as I can and handle the situation.

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