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You work your way through a maze of dead trees. The scent of smoke and fire floods your nose, and you can practically taste the charred bark. Just as you feel like you are lost in the burnt forest forever, you come across a large cliff. The cliff wraps around in a partial circle, creating a basin down below. What’s down there? You wonder. Then you find out, and nearly wish you hadn't. Wolf puppies are fighting one another in the big pit, and not just play fighting: it's a fight to the death. 

A silver colored wolf with eyes full of compassion and love steps towards you. "Come away from there" she calls softly, "That is the Puppy Bowl, a horrible place created by Storm Pack. You may join Mist Pack, if you’re looking for a pack to join. We protect and honor one another as if we are family."

Before you can reply another wolf steps forward. She doesn't seem like much at first, but there's an iron in her eyes that pulls respect from you. Her pelt is soot black with marking that looks like flickers of flame, and she looks at you with dark red eyes filled with... Nothing. "You don't want to go with her." She says in a steely voice. "If you are tough, and can handle a few gruesome battles like a true warrior, then join Storm Pack, where only the best survive."

A third wolf steps forward from the shadows, he is an ancient, tan wolf, and glares accusingly at the two other wolves, then turns to you. " Kendo may have changed her pack, but it is still Arson's legacy-an evil wolf of evil deeds, and he's left it's members thirsty for blood." He says, gesturing to the black and red wolf. " Mist calls themselves kind, but they will growl at any one from a pack they have personal bias against for even being near them." The wolf explains, motioning to the sweet brown wolf. "If you want revenge for the wrong doings of the wolves of the world, then you will come with me, and treat your own pack well. My name is Arrow, and I am the alpha of Hail."

Just as you are about to follow one of the wolves into the trees, a fourth wolf steps out of the shadows. With a sandy color and a thick pelt built to withstand cold, she hardly looks like a wolf at all, but a lion. Her blue gaze is noble and truthful, however. "If you were not born with powers, you may practically be cannibalized in these packs. Come with me, to Blizzard Pack. We will train you to be just as capable as any wolf with powers, if not stronger. With willpower, dedication and endurance we can surpass anyone." She gave the other alphas a sideways glare, which some of the others returned.

Now you are left to choose. Will you go with Wing to Mist Pack, a place of gentle, helpful wolves? Will you follow Kendo to Storm Pack, with battle hungry hearts and heavy attitude? Wwith Arrow to Hail Pack, with vengefulness and protectiveness of family? Or with Freyja, to Blizzard pack, where normal wolves reign supreme? The choice is yours, but choose wisely.



Hello, and welcome to the site.  Enter the world of the wolves. Never knowing what's in store, who you will meet, or how each little choice can affect you.  Join us.  Some wolves hold secrets, or special powers, some do not.  It is sometimes, those that do not, that hold more power then the rest.  Remember, not all strength is physical,  not all great leaders powerful.  Think of this as you make your wolf, and think deeply into their personality and past as you chose a pack. 

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                                       Mist Pack

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The wolves in this pack have very close bonds,  The bonds run so deep, there hard to break, and not many other wolves understand them.  Like one big happy family, Mist Pack members support and care for one another.  Friendships here are stronger then most other places.  This pack runs as one.  Their paws are always open to strangers; they do what they can to help. Mist pack won't normally turn away from wolves in need. Optimism fills the air as the members always try to see the bright side. Love, trust, and friendship bind them with others.  They are not normally aggressive wolves, but don't let that fool you.  Like a mother wolf, each meek member can show fierceness and hidden strength too fight for what they believe in, or protect one another. Can you show such faith?  Are you a Mist Wolf at heart? Join Here


                                     Storm Pack

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Storm wolves are said to have hearts, so blacked out by evil deeds, that the blood that runs through their veins is as dark as shadows in the night.  These wolves are typically rude and stubborn.  They only care for themselves, and have no respect for others.  Generally, Storm Wolves have powers.  This is because the founder of the pack collected these special wolves, as a philatelist collects rare stamps.  He believes the only power, is that which resides in unnatural abilities, and he plans on building a super pack to conquer the weak.  Even the seemingly friendly wolves of this pack can contain a sinister heart.  Sometimes it is those that seem friendly that are worst of all.  Storm wolves are not usually trusted, there are a select few with faint traces of love inside, but they don't last long.  In this pack, only the strong survive.  Do you have what it takes? Join Here


                                         Hail Pack

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Hail wolves can be both mean and nice, they can be as friendly as mist, and as stubborn as storm, but there's something they all have in common.  They neither forgive, nor forget. Known for their grudges, these wolves always seek revenge.  They can smile and help out like the friendliest of all, but secretly, they're plotting to kill you.  Always, there noting weak points of all they meet.  If ever someone does them wrong, they have already planned out a way to get even.  Their loving grins are merely masks, and they can be extremely deceiving.  Some of these wolves, such as the leader, have a keen skill for persuading and convincing others to see things their way.  The leader takes his grudge one step further and despises the entire family of one wolf who ruined his life.  Pups are practically brainwashed into hating all those who other pack members hate.   Wise advise would be, to never irk these wolves.  Do you hold grudges like a Hail Wolf? Is this your pack? Join Here

                                        Blizzard Pack

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The wolves of this pack are for the most part power free. They are not fond of those with powers, they scorn pups born with them. This hate is bred by jealousy of others with abilities. Blizzard wolves are very thankful and respectful of The Spirit pack, for they have blessed the pack with a gift. The gift is a statue made of solid ice which is situated in the center of the camp. This statue has a power which nulifys and renders all powers useless on there territory. The statue is very sacred and any signs of direspect will be punished. 

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                                          Spirit Pack

Spirit Pack is only for those who have moved on. There are two separate sections, one for angels, and one for demons. The angels reside in the sky, and looks after all of those still on earth. Each are assigned special jobs based on their life. They are the ones with a pure heart, and seek to bring happiness wherever they go.  On the other hand, the demons lurk down under.  They only wish to bring on pain and misfortune to others, and are evil and should be avoided.  All spirits can not interfere directly with living wolves, so they do so through other ways. Sometimes they send dreams or prophecies.  Rarely do they visit. Some wolves, actually have the ability to see, or visit certain spirits.  Perhaps they were very close before, or by some other way, connected. Join Here


Rouges are wolves that were expelled from their old packs. Some are murders, others traitors, but all have a bounty on their head.  And they are constantly hunted by the Banchos. These wolves are pure evil, and there is no limit to the amount of treachery they commit. It is best for all to stay clear of these rouges, and only the bravest, most skilled Banchos should enter their territory. 


Banchos are the bounty hunters. They receive requests by other wolves to hunt down rouges and capture or kill them. Banchos may be part of packs or live in Bancho territory. They receive points from capturing rouges, and those points then earn them new territory and bring them up in ranks. 


Loners prefer to keep to themselves for whatever reason. Some ran away from their old packs, others are just to shy and uncomfortable around lots of wolves, so they want to be alone. Loners typically leave each other alone and live solitary lives, but some times they do make friends.

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                                  Silver Moon City

Beyond the wolf packs is a human city, but residents here have bizarre things about them as well. Some residents are werewolves, others are witches or vampires, and there are even some with element powers or other unique abilities. There are slayers, people who believe that the fantasy creatures should all be exterminated, and there are scientists who want to experiment on all of these strange residents. Unfortunately it is often hard to experiment on werewolves and such, so scientists often capture powered wolves instead. Even wolves without powers are in danger near Silver Moon, because there are always hunters looking for something to shoot. Humans and human like creatures live together in the city, but fear each other. Will they manage to live in harmony, or will chaos break loose?

                             Introduction to Role Playing 

                      General Rules

Here are the rules that apply to all of the websites attached. There may be specific rules for different sites but these are the basic rules general for every site attached to the main site of mistwolvespack.webs.com.

    •     Please do not use vulgar language. Cursing is highly discouraged, and if you know there is a younger member present, even the least offensive of curse words should not be used. If you are in a more advanced role-play with members that you know are more comfortable with such language, the rules will be a bit more lenient, but under no circumstances should extreme curse words be used to any swear words be used to insult other members.
    •    There is no age limit here, but any members under the age of thirteen should role play with caution. There may be violence and other content not appropriate for all ages. Since these chat boxes are open to everyone, I cannot control what is posted, and sometimes people that aren't even part of the site will post something that is not appropriate. Just try to be aware of what areas may have more inappropriate posts and avoid them. (ex: The Puppy Bowl will certainly contain more gore than Mist Training Zone)    •    No power playing or godmodding. Other characters belong to other people and you cannot use them. That is called power playing. You may not say how someone's character acts or responds to something, that is for the per of that character to decide. You may also not make your characters invincible. While powers are allowed, they should be limited, and weaknesses should also be included. No one is flawless, even superman has his kryptonite.
    •    No killing other characters without permission. Some characters will have their names in pink on the page with their character description. This means that the person who role-plays them will allow them to be killed off, but you must still ask that person for permission .Those with names in red are for anyone to role-play and kill off as they please. Lastly, those who have no special color are not listed to be killed, but the role-player may still chose to kill them off. If they make that decision, they will let you know it is okay to kill their characters. Also, once a character is killed they may not come back to life unless by an extreme circumstance in which you have received my permission to bring them back. All deceased characters are welcome to join Spirit Pack.
    •    Please remember to write decent descriptions for major characters. If the descriptions are only a few sentences long, I will not even bother adding them. You may make characters without writing descriptions, however, they will be considered minor, temporary characters until descriptions are added. Meaning they will be treated like kill-able characters.
    •    Do not reveal personal information. It is always a bad idea to share personal info, such as your full name or your address, with anyone on the internet. Please refrain from doing so. You can share your age, your gender, your first name only if you wish to do so, and your country, state, or province for time zone purposes. However, you are not obligated to share even this information if you are uncomfortable doing so.
    •    Lastly, the golden rule: Respect other members. If they are new to the site, or to role-playing in general, give them some tips and offer to help them out .Don't just insult them or ignore them. If someone is being rude, notify me or another moderator. You can send get a hold of me at any time by logging in on any of the sites, clicking my profile, and sending me a private message. I'll respond as soon as I can and handle the situation.


Drop on by here if you need anything. There's usually someone on that will be sure to help you. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, or just be random and chat with us about whatever.
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Reorganizing everything and making it easier for new members to figure things out. 

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  • Wing is now the alpha of Mist, and Frey the alpha of Blizzard.
  • There's a new Bancho site made by Grey, so go to the Bancho page on Neutral grounds and check it out!
  • Grey also has a secret military being set up for Storm that's still in need of members! Only the most skilled of the most skilled will be accepted, so keep it on the hush hush!
  • There's a page for loner groups now! If you have a group and no area for them, check it out! It's a secret page though, so you'll have to work for it!

Messages from your Leaders

Storm Wolves,

Hello Packmates, it's Ice Crystal. Why Bother Kendo with such trivial matters, such as news? Well, I'll take it upon myself to keep you updated. The new land that was discovered will be divided up evenly among the three packs. Two wolves from each pack will act as scouts to go and claim their part.

Our two teens who are going, will be Tzane and Black Ice. Since it's Kendo's son and mine as well, they should bring us back some suitable news. Let's wait till the day arrives for their departure to the new land.

~Ice Crystal



Dear Hail Wolves,


Young Willow will be sent out to represent out pack during the exploration. It is clear that since she is the youngest wolf going, she is vunerable. Besides, the other packs are desperate and may not be so keen on playing fair. Due to this, it would be highly helpful if other wolves could follow from a distance and keep an eye on things.


~Sincerly, Arrow

Dear Mist Wolves

The pack has been undergoing much change recently, but with summer drawing close it's hoped that the next changes will be with happy cause. Stay close with your pack mates, and stay kind, and in trouble help will always find you.


~ With love, Wing



Meet Times

Its a lot more fun to role play when everyones on, but most of the time, not everyone comes on at the same time.  Thats why meeting times are always a good idea. If there are big events to roleplay, they will most likley take place during a meeting time, unless all the members required for it are present at another time. Meeting times are not always accurate so please don't expect everyone to be on as soon as they are supposed to, not everyone can get on at the same time. Also, they normaly extend later then guesed. Please remember that these times are based on the Eastern Standard Time Zone. If you wish to recomend a meeting time you can do so in the box above.

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New Prompt:

What's your character's family? Is there a distant wolf somehow related that you've never really developed much? Try writing a story for a little known family member. Inspired by Sammoth's giant family tree! See the full details on figment!

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Hey everyone, we have two fanfiction websites for everyones benifit. One of them will be the main group, however it requires membership to another website. I promise you the website is safe and free, but if you don't wish to join, you can post your stories on the .webs site. The link to the web site is on the index, and the group on the other site is our Mist Fanfiction Group on Figment